More safety with DetectoPac

NEW: Now, at long last, unwelcome plastic particles in foodstuffs can be found reliably, efficiently and deliberately by just adding DETECTOPAC

Plastic particles in foodstuffs are a side-effect of industrial preparation of foodstuffs that occurs time and again, with far reaching negative consequences. Incidents from the recent past show that the recall costs and damage to the producer’s reputation are enormous.

  • plastics detectable by standard metal detectors
  • metal detectable plastics for production of foodstuffs
  • for production of films, nets, bags, bands, forms, machine parts, etc.
  • processing without appreciable deviations from the standard material

Technical Characteristics

We deliver DETECTOPAC as a highly concentrated master batch for mixing into your proven series material so that your production process almost remains unchanged. Detectability is made possible by adding low doses of special, fine metal pigments.

The characteristics of DETECTOPAC:

  • available on basis of PE, PP and PA66
  • dosage of 10-20% in series material, depending on detectability requirements
  • use in extrusion and injection moulding
  • only slight changes to characteristics of your products, such as strength, weldability and recyclability

Technical datasheet

Our technical datasheet DETECTOPAC PE grey 7090 can be found here:


More reliability for your foodstuffs

Safety for your foodstuffs

It goes without saying that DETECTOPAC fulfils the stringent requirements for plastics in contact with foodstuffs, both those of EU Regulation 10/2011 and those of the FDA guidelines of the USA. Thus the preconditions for worldwide use of DETECTOPAC are given.

In Europe

Our declaration of conformity pursuant to EU Regulation 20/2011 can be found here.


In the USA

Our declaration of conformity pursuant to the FDA guidelines will soon be available here.

Of the finished product

The test report of „Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Stegemann“, which certifies conformity of the finished product, can be found here.


DETECTOPAC for packaging and more

The production of packaging is a hotly contested market in which it is hard to offer added value through product characteristics. Thus, as a rule, one is only able to compete through the price.

Your advantages with DETECTOPAC:

  • Unique selling point through metal detectable packaging
  • A solution which saves your customers cash because there are no more recalls or damages to your reputation
  • Extensive uses for sausage skins, straps, nets, bags, sacks, disposable aprons and more

DETECTOPAC can be used in packaging and also, among other things, in injection moulding for the production of metal detectable chocolate forms or for machine elements.

DETECTOPAC in the foodstuffs processing industry

Foodstuffs are sensitive wares and the consumers should be protected against all hazards as well as possible. If, nevertheless, plastic particles should ever find their way into your end product and hence to consumers, you will be saddled at once with high costs for extensive recall activities and, besides that, your reputation will be at stake.

You can reduce this risk by adding DETECTOPAC to the plastics used in your production processes so that your metal detectors, when applied to the end product, can detect contamination by these plastics. Then, of course, you will separate the contaminated product so that it does not leave your company.

Your advantages with DETECTOPAC:

  • deliberate recognition and separation of unwelcome plastic particles in your products
  • use of standard industrial metal detectors without additional investment
  • avoidance of recall activities and damage to your reputation
  • can be used in a great variety of ways in applying plastics in the entire production of sausage, meat and foodstuffs

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